Defend Thin Skin with our Padded Wrist and Arm Protectors

I take offense to a simple household task causing unsightly bruising of my forearms and wrists!  Just making the wrong move or simply brushing against furniture or an appliance can cause a below the skin contusion or deep bruise for many of us seniors.  We can’t and don’t want to slow down – our lives are full and eventful – we are not “old” and don’t want to appear that way.

Whether the cause is due to prescription blood thinners or just a natural aging of the skin (thin skin), these bruises, though not a serious health issue, are way more painful to look at than experience.

Now there is a solution.

A term borrowed from the game of football states, “The best Defense is a good Offense”.  So, take offense with my product, SKIN GUARD, and defend yourself from this nuisance.

Just slip on SKIN GUARD while working or enjoying leisure activities around the house and quite worrying about causing a bruise or scratch on your forearms that can take weeks to disappear.

Our guards are 100% polyester and padded for protection and come in several styles and colors, even bling, we can customer make them for you as well. Cover Up and Guard Against Minor Cuts and Bruises.

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