About Us


Defend Thin Skin was arrived at as a necessity. In the last few years my skin on my top of my wrist and arms has begun to thin. Making them easy to bruise and tear. So I have been looking for something cute and would protect when I did my basic chores inside and out the house without getting damage.  So Mike and I came up with a cover that has a nice padding and that I could design  cute styles and even Bling out. 

I have tried creams and lotions to thicken my skin, but nothing worked for the thinning and bruising. I found doing small household chores like making the bed, I would gently hit the side table and bruise or tear my skin, or be vacuuming and gently hit the edge of table and something and would tear my skin. You get what I am saying, I couldn’t stop damaging my wrist.

The Arm Armour protectors helped me not be embarrassed when I went out in public with bruises and cuts on my forearms because of the thinning skin. So that is when we came up with the idea of the arm and wrist protectors. To protect and cover up when moving around and to cover up the damaged. Try them today and see if it doesn’t help. 

I hope that my product will help other women and men that are facing this same problem. Having problems and finding a solution and being able to implement them is what makes our country great. We are proud to be small business owners.

Cheryl Ray

Small Business Owner

Mike Ray

Small Business Owner